Normative Data Project for Libraries

Contributors to NDP (Full List)

A contributor is defined as a public library within the United States or Canada that possesses certain attributes considered strategically important to the overall mission of building the NDP. Libraries that agree to contribute data will be contacted to discuss details of the library system's configuration and then will be asked to sign the contributor's agreement. There is a one-time set up fee determined by collection size and to be a contributor, your library must be a subscriber.

For systems running a SirsiDynix integrated library system, a program will be put on the system's server and that program will transfer the data to an NDP server once a quarter. We work with contributors to schedule these transfers in order to inconvenience a library's operations as little as possible.

For libraries running another vendor's system, and there are format pre-requisites what apply before a library can become a contributor. For more information on these format requirements, please see the "Accepted Data Sets" for more detail.

The following libraries have signed the contributor's agreement. Those with an icon (NDP Contributor) are libraries that currently contribute data to the NDP.