Normative Data Project for Libraries

NDP eStore

In addition to subscriptions to the Normative Data Project (NDP), we are now making available reports generated using NDP. It is our hope that the library community will find these useful. Initially, we are offering reports that list items that circulated the most in 2005 in libraries contributing data to the NDP from their integrated library systems. We have two kinds of reports.

The idea behind doing reports of circulations by language is that we noticed in analyzing the NDP data that even though foreign language materials comprise 1% of the holdings and circulations, that underlying that fact is that foreign language materials circulate at a much higher percentage than their holdings would suggest. Given that we have an increasing number of library users who are native speakers of many languages, identifying materials they will find engaging is a useful problem to solve.

In the process of working on these lists, we made a number of observations about the use of these various materials that we will detail in subsequent reports. A few observations for now: