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The NDP is a "zero-footprint" application, requiring no software on a user's PC. Subscribers to the NDP will access the database via a web-browser.


For a nominal annual fee, subscribers will receive a personal account (login/password) to the NDP, which will include a personal workspace or "dashboard," which cannot be viewed or altered by any other subscriber. An unlimited number of report views and charts may be created and saved by subscribers on their individual dashboards. The architecture of NDP is such that all reports and charts are dynamically updated as new library transaction-level data are loaded into the database. This architecture ensures that each report and chart created by subscribers continues to provide benefits long after the initial report and data set are saved.

The baseline annual subscription fee includes access to:

Access to premium data sets containing detailed information on household demographics, households and populations in poverty, household income, education, household language, and linguistic isolation by specific library market areas are available for an additional annual fee. Consulting services are also offered and available for defining and drawing custom market and service area definitions using NDP's sophisticated Geographic Information System (GIS).

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