Normative Data Project for Libraries

Reports & Analysis with NDP

The report examples on this page are based on actual transaction-level data extracted, normalized, and aggregated from NDP contributor libraries.

The database is growing at a rapid pace, as we continue to partner with leading libraries in the U.S. and Canada on this important project. We plan to have data from approximately 500 library systems and 2,500 library outlets in the NDP database, so return to this site periodically for new insights into library collection management.

Data Across Libraries

Urban Libraries Council

Urban Libraries CouncilUrban Libraries Council is made up of 138 members, 137 of which are large, urban public libraries. The U.S. members are fewer than 2% of the U.S. public library community but they are so large that they serve about 30% of the U.S. public library population and their operating expenditures are about a third of the U.S. public library total.

The ratios in these tables are calculated in a similar fashion to those published by NCES annually (PDF) to summarize the ranks of the libraries of the states. The Normative Data Project (NDP) includes these ratios for each public library in the US and it was decided to make these ratios available for ULC members. When the project was started late last year, we used the 2006 membership. The 2007 membership is a bit larger. The ratios are made by using the fiscal year 2004 data from NCES—the latest available and 2004 data from the Canadian Urban Libraries Council for the (then) two Canadian members.

In addition, as discussed in the blog entry, a few other ratios and summary ratios were also compiled using the NDP and Excel.

Download all reports as a ZIP file.




Deep Analysis

NDP Screenshot: Deep Analysis

"There are many sources that provide total circulation figures for libraries, but they provide no insight into what materials are being circulated. NDP will provide a broader understanding of libraries and their operations than previously possible by providing – even down to the call-number level – what materials are being circulated where and to whom. " – Greg Hathorn, SirsiDynix VP, NDP Development Lead